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FreshRoast SR500 Coffee Bean Roaster

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FreshRoast SR500 Coffee Bean Roaster

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ManufacturerWhat is the Brand of this DeviceApple
ModelThe Manufacturer's Model#SR500
Physical Characteristics
HeightHeight of the Item.11.5 inches
LengthHow tall the item is.7 inches
Width(thickness)Width of the Item.7 Inches
Batch SizeSize of coffee beans the machine can take in the input container4.5 Oz
Cooling UnitDetermines if the device is capable of cooling the beans after roasting completesTrue
LoudnessVolume of noise produced during roastQuiet
WeightWeight in Pounds Pounds
User InterfaceUser Interface on the device. Some devices have Electronic Panels displaying status. Others are manual switches, that are switched between settings.Electronic LED Display
Roaster Feature
Adjustable Fan SpeedCoffee Roasters use fans to move air through the roaster. This feature allows the user to define how fast the fan spins.True
Adjustable Roast TimeAllows the user to decide how long to roast the beans.
Allows variable roasting on beans
Adjustable Temperature SettingAllows the user to set the temperature of the roaster.True
Bean CirculatorHow does the machine move the beans aroundFluid Air Bed
Customizable ProfilesThe number of profiles the user can create and save. A profile can be set to a different type of roast. Ie Light roast or Dark roast)0
Heating ElementHow the roaster actually heats the beans. Different elements produce different heating signatures.
Ie, some may diffuse the heat evenly, while others concentrate heat in one area.
Roast TimeHow long it takes the roaster to roast a batch of coffee.4 Minutes
Power Specifications
Unit Power UsageHow much power is required to run the device. Measured in Watts. The lower, the better as it costs less to run.110 Watts