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Fiskars 18-Inch StaySharp Push Reel Lawn Mower - 6201

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Fiskars 18-Inch StaySharp Push Reel Lawn Mower - 6201

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ManufacturerWhat is the Brand of this DeviceFiskars
ModelThe Manufacturer's Model#6201
Physical Characteristics
HeightHeight of the Item. inches
LengthHow tall the item is. inches
Width(thickness)Width of the Item.18 Inches
Blade SizeLength of cutting blade Inches
Front Wheel SizeDiameter of Front wheels Inches
Rear Wheel SizeDiameter of Rear wheels Inches
WeightWeight in Pounds52.2 Pounds
Lawnmower Characteristics
Blade CountNumber of blades on the device.5
Cutting Width / Cutting PathHow wide the mower is18 Inches
Discharge ChuteWhere cut grass is ejected.Forward
Maximum Cutting HeightThe tallest cutting height possible on this device.4 Inches
Minimum Cutting HeightThe lowest cutting height possible on this device.1 Inches
Lawnmower Features
Adjustable Handle HeightAllows the user to adjust handle height to the correct height.Available
Mulching CapabilityMulching Capability: Special mulching blades designed to keep the clippings circulating underneath the mower
until the clippings are chopped quite small. Small clippings are left in the grass for decomposing.
One point height adjustment for all four wheelsOne setting on the device that will change the height on the entire lawnmower.
Older mowers require the user to update all 4 wheels.
Self PropelledAn onboard engine which pushes the lawnmower.Available
Size Mowed with Full BatterySize of Lawn that can be mowed on a fully charged battery. Feet
Power System
Battery CurrentBattery Current Amps
Battery LifeHow long the battery will last under load, with a full charge. Minutes
Battery VoltageBattery Voltage
Charge Time at 100%How long it takes to charge a dead battery to 100% Hours
Power MethodHow the Machine is powered.Manual